The Company was incorporated in '1964' for manufacturing Specialty Papers at its plant at Pune. The Company has diversified into wide range of specialty papers and several other activities including converted Tissue products, Real Estate development, Information Technology and FMCG products. The Company demerged its paper manufacturing business in January 2016.

The Company currently is in its core business of Real Estate Development at Pune in Maharashtra. The Real Estate development initiative currently comprises of development over 12 acres of land (having about 10 lakh sq.ft. of saleable area) by constructing 7 towers having about 700 residential apartments in its project ‘GREENS’ under a joint venture. Another project ‘GREEN VILLE’ in progress is for construction of residential cum commercial complex having about 2 lakh sq.ft. of saleable area.

with effect from 26th December, 2017, the Registrar of Companies, Pune has approved the change of name of ‘‘Pudumjee Pulp & Paper Mills Limited’ to “AMJ Land Holdings Limited.”

The Company is also engaged in the business of generation and sale of power at its 3 Wind Power Plants having an aggregate generation capacity of 4.6 MW which are located at Satara and Sangli in the State of Maharashtra.


At Pudumjee we foster ownership and entrepreneurship. We believe that only when people are truly empowered, they can be motivated to achieve new heights and create a better future for our Company. At Pudumjee, we are proud to say that we have the best minds in the business. Every member is a leader and an innovator in his/ her own right as they continuously find solutions, better our systems and deal with challenges in the most creative manner.


While providing a conducive work environment, we endeavour to create a dynamic and meritorious organization by recognizing performance and valuing the inputs and outcome of every stakeholder of the company.


To create a dynamic organization with all round development of people, so as to lead themselves and the organization towards sustainability and growth.


To offer value-added products & services to customers and constantly innovate to meet emerging challenges. Minimize the environmental impact through energy conservation, use of renewable energy and adoption of best available technology.


People matter, Results count. Lead yourself, others and the Business.

Board of Directors




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2014-15 Quarterly Report, PDF
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2014-15 Quarterly Report- Sept 2015
Financial Results Dec 2015
PPPML - Financial Results - March 16
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PPPML - Annual Report - 2015-16
PIFCO - Annual Report - 2015-16
PPPML - Financial Result - Sept 2016
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PPPML - Financial Results - March 2017
PPPML Annual Report - 2016-17
PIFCO Annual Report - 2016-17
PPPML-Financial Results-June-2017
PPPML- Financial Results Quarter and Half Year ended September 2017
AMJ Financial Results Quarter & Nine Months Ended December 2017
AMJ-Financial Results-March 2018
AMJ Annual Report - 2017-18
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AMJ- Financial Results June 2018
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AMJ Annual Report - 2018-19
AMJ - MGT - 9 Extract of Annual Return 2018-19
PIFCO Annual Report - 2018-19
AMJ Financial Results-June 2019
AMJ_Financial Results_30 September 2019
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AMJ Land-Annual Report 2019-20
AMJLAND -Extract of the Annual Return-31.03.2020
AMJ-Financial Results-June,2020
PIFCO Annual Report - 2019-20
AMJ-Financial Results - September, 2020
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AMJ-Annual Report-2020-21
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AMJ-Annual Report 2021-22
AMJ Realty Limited - Annual Report - 2021-2022
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AMJ Land-MGT-7-2021-2022
AMJ-Financial Results-September, 2022
AMJ-Financial Results-December 2022
AMJ-Financial Results-March, 2023
AMJ - Annual Report 2022-23
AMJ Realty Limited - Annual Report - 2022-2023
AMJ-Financial Results-June, 2023
AMJ Land-MGT-7-2022-2023
AMJ-Financial Results-September, 2023
AMJ-Financial Results-December, 2023
AMJ-Financial Results-March, 2024
AMJ-Draft - Annual Return for Financial Year 2023-2024


Notices & Other Information

Notices & Other Information

Annual General Meeting
Annual General Meeting E Voting Report
Notice of Annual General Meeting
Notice of Extra Ordinary Meeting
Postal Ballot Form
Postal Ballot Notice
Postal Ballot Report
Results of E Voting
Scrutinizers report
Independent Directors - Letters of Appointment
PPPML - 50th Annual General Meetng Notice
Public Notice of 50th AGM (English & Marathi) – 2015
Pudumjee - 50th AGM – Report of Scrutinizer-MGT 13 – Consolidated
Independent Directors - Letters of Appointment – Preeti Mehta
PPPML - CorpGovernance - Dec 2015
PPPML - BM Notice
PPPML - BSE Statement of Investors Compliant
PPPML - Auth. KMPs to determine materiality of Events
PPPML - Regulation 30(12) SEBI (LODR) Regulation 2015
PPPML - Financial of PPPML Dec-2015
PPPML - Press Release - 24-02-2016
PPPML - Corp Gov March 2016
PPPML - Reconciliation of Shares March-2016
PPPML - Investors Complainsts
PPPML - NSESHP 31-03-2016
PPPML - Regulation 40(9) March-2016
PPPML - 7(3) certificate
PPPML - Board Meeting Notice - 28-05-2016
PPPML - Q1 Investors Compliants -2016-17
PPPML - BM Notice - 29-07-16
PPPML - GCorp - Announcement
PPPML - NSE - CG - 30-06-16
PPPML - Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Report - 30.06.16
PPPML - Disclosure For MOU - 29-07-16
PPPML - Disclosure For Proposed Merger of PIFCO - 29-07-16
PPPML - Chairman's Declaration - Voting Result - 51st AGM
PPPML - Reg40(9)-30-09-16
PPPML - BMNotice-05-11-16
PPPML - BMNotice-04-02-17
PPPML - CorpGover20-15-16
PPPML - NewsPaperAdvt-BSE-NSE
PPPML - ReconciliationReport-30-09-16
PPPML - Reg7(3)Final
PPPML - Reg13(3)-InvComp-06-10-16
PPPML - VotingResults-17-09-16

PPPML - CorpGov-Mar2017

PPPML - InvetorsCompliants-Mar2017

PPPML - Reg 7(3)-31-March-2017

PPPML - Reconciliation-31-March-2017

PPPML - Regulation40(9)-31-March-2017

PPPML - BMNotice-20.05.2017

PPPML - Board Outcome 20-May-17

PPPML - AGM-Notice E-voting Advertisement - 2017

PPPML-52nd AGM Notice-2017

PPPML Investor Complaint Reg - 13(3)-06.07.2017

PPPML - 52nd AGM Proceedings - 22.07.2017

PPPML - Submision of Annual Report-31.03.2017 - Regulation 34

PPPML- Chairman's Declaration - Voting Result-22.07.2017

PPPML -Reconciliation Report - 300617

PPPML - Voting Results of 52nd AGM-23.07-2017

PPPML - Regulation - 33(3)(b)(i)_25.07.2017

PPPML - Intimation of BM - 25.08.2017

PPPML-Outcome of BM-02.09.2017

PPPML - Investors Compliants-September-2017

PPPML - Reconciliation Report-September-2017

PPPML-Compliance Certificate-Regulation 7(3)-September-2017

PPPML-Compliance Certificate-Regulation 40(9)-September-2017

PPPML Intimation of Board Meeting - 10112017

PPPML - Newspaper Advt - Transfer of Shares to IEPF-13.11.2017

PPPML-Outcome of BM 18.11.2017

PPPML-Intimation to SE - Change of Name-27122017

AMJ - Investors Compliants-December 2017

PPPML Reconciliation Report December 2017

AMJ Change of Website

AMJ-Intimation of BM - 02022018

AMJ Outcome of BM 10.02.2018

AMJ-Intimation of withdrawal of Credit Rating 17-02-2018

AMJ - Regulation 30 PIFCO Transaction

AMJ- Compliance Certificate Regulation 7 (3 )- March 2018

AMJ- Compliance CertificateRegulation 40 (9) - March 2018

AMJ Reconciliation Report -March 2018

AMJ Investors Compliants- March 2018

AMJ Intimation of BM 10.05.2018

AMJ - Outcome of BM - 26.05.2018 - R

AMJ-Outcome of BM -26.05.2018

AMJ-Intimation under Reg.33(3)(b)01.06.2018

AMJ-AGM-Notice E-voting Advertisement-2018

AMJ 53rd AGMNotice 2018

AMJ Intimation of BM 12.07.2018

AMJ Investors Compliants- June 2018

AMJ Reconciliation Report -June 2018

AMJ-Outcome of BM-21.07.2018

AMJ Change of Designation 21.07.2018

AMJ 53rd AGM Voting Results

AMJ News Paper Advt. IEPF Intimation 27.07.2018

AMJ MOU Intimation 29.08.2018

AMJ-1st Reminder-Mandatory updation of PAN and Bank details

AMJ-2nd Reminder - Mandatory updation of PAN and Bank details

AMJ-Final Reminder - Mandatory updation of PAN and Bank details

AMJ - 2nd & Final Reminder Mandatory Dematerialisation of Shares held in Physical Form

AMJ - Mandatory Dematerialisation of Shares held in Physical Form

AMJ Compliance Certificate Regulation 7(3) -September 2018

AMJ - lnvestors Complaints 13 (3)-Q-2 September 2018

AMJ- Compliance Certificate Regulation 40 (9) - September 2018

AMJ Reconciliation Report -September 2018

AMJ - Intimation of BM 11.10.2018

AMJ-Outcome of BM-20.10.2018

AMJ Resignation of B. C. Dalal 22.10.2018

Intimation of Amalgamation 20.10.2018

Draft Scheme - of Merger by Absorption PIFCO with AMJLH

AMJ - Karvy Name Change Intimation to SE

AMJ - lnvestors Complaints 13 (3)-Q-3 December 2018

AMJ Reconciliation Report -December 2018

AMJ - Intimation of BM 14.01.2019

AMJ - Outcome of BM-24.01.2019

AMJ - amend of PIT Code-28.03.2019

AMJ - Change in Appt. of VPL MD-27.03.2019

AMJ - Intimation of Closure of Trading Window 01.04.2019

AMJ - lnvestors Complaints 13 (3)-Q-4 March 2019

AMJ Compliance Certificate Regulation 7(3) -March 2019

AMJ- Compliance Certificate Regulation 40 (9) - March 2019

AMJ Reconciliation Report -March 2019

AMJ - Resignation of VPL-01.04.2019

AMJ - Covering Large Corporates -25.04.2019

AMJ - Q 1 - B.M. - Newspapers Advertisements 26.05.2018

AMJ - Q 2 - B.M. - Newspapers Advertisements 21.07.2018

AMJ - Q 3 - B.M. - Newspapers Advertisements 20.10.2018

AMJ - Q 4 - B.M. - Newspapers Advertisements 24.01.2019

AMJ - Intimation of BM 14.05.2019

AMJ - Q 1 - B.M. - Newspapers Advertisements 24.05.2019

AMJ - Outcome of BM 24.05.2019-AGM-27.07.19

AMJ - Intimation of Book Closure-24.05.2019-AGM-27.07.2019

AMJ-RPT-Disclosure - 05062019

AMJ - Intimation of Closure of Trading Window 01.07.2019

AMJ - AGM Notice-01.07.2019

AMJ- Annual Report-01.07.2019

AMJ - AGM e-voting-Advt. Intimation-03.07.2019

Draft Independent Director Appointment Letter

AMJ - lnvestors Complaints 13 (3)-Q-1 June 2019

AMJ Reconciliation Report -June 2019

AMJ - Intimation of BM 17.07.2019

AMJ - Q 2 - B.M. - Newspapers Advertisements 27.07.2019

AMJ - Outcome of BM-27.07.2019

AMJ - 53rd AGM Proceedings - 27.07.2019

AMJ 54th AGM Voting Results

AMJ - Reg. 30 Re-appointment of ID - AGM-27.07.2019

AMJ - Reg. 30 Re-appointment of WTD - AGM-27.07.2019

AMJ - 54th AGM - Declaration of Voting Results

AMJ News Paper Advt. IEPF Intimation 22.07.2019

AMJ - Reg. 30 Update on acquisition of Preference Shares - PPLL

AMJ - NCLT Convened Equity Shareholders Meeting Notice

PIFCO - NCLT Convened Preference Shareholders Meeting Notice

PIFCO - NCLT Convened Equity Shareholders Meeting Notice

AMJ - Reg. 30 cesation of Guatam Khaitan

AMJ - NCLT meeting notice news clip

Appointment Letters - Independent Directors 17.08.2019

AMJ - Intimation of Closure of Trading Window 01.10.2019

AMJ - lnvestors Complaints 13 (3)-Q-2 September 2019

AMJ - Covering Letter & RSCA Report - 30.09.2019

AMJ - Reg. 40(9) Covering Letter & Certificate - 30.09.2019

AMJ - Intimation of BM 10.10.2019

AMJ - BM - Notice news clips - 10102019

AMJ - Regulation 74(5) (DP) Reg. 2018 - 11.10.2019

AMJ - Regulation - 7 (3) Compliance - 14102019

AMJ - NCLT - Convened Meeting Voting results - 18102019

AMJ - Outcome of BM - 19102019

AMJ - Regulation - 7 (3) Compliance - 14102019

AMJ - RPT Disclosure-25.10.2019

AMJ - Intimation of Change in Karvy Name

AMJ - 39(3) LODR_Loss of Share Certificate

AMJ - Intimation of Closure of Trading Window-31.12.2019

AMJ_Investors Complaints 13(3)-Q3-December, 2019

AMJ_Recon. of Share Capital Audit Report 31.12.2019

AMJ - Regulation 74(5) (DP) Reg. 2018_13.01.2020

AMJ Intimation of Board Meeting 14.01.2020

AMJ_BM Notice_Newspaper Clippings_14.01.2020

AMJ Outcome of BM_24.01.2020

AMJ - Intimation Amend to PIT 24-01-2020

AMJ_Intimation of Hearing of Joint Petition_PIFCO&AMJ

AMJ_Intimation of BM 15.02.2020

AMJ_Intimation of Closure of Trading Window 15.02.2020_Interim Div

AMJ_Intimation of Declaration of Interim Div.15.02.2020

AMJ_Intimation of Record Date 15.02.2020_Interim Div

AAMJ - Outcome of BM 24-02-2020

AMJ-Corporate Action Record Date 24.02.2020

AMJ-Corporate Action Interim Div. Outcome

AMJ-Interim Dividend Payment Date

AMJ -Record Date for Interim Div. News Clip-25022020

AMJ-Intimation for revised payment date of Interim Dividend

AMJ - Reg. 74(5) (DP) Reg., 2018 - 07.05.2020

AMJ RSCA Covering Letter and Report

AMJ-Closure of Office-23.03.2020

AMJ-Intimation of Closure of Trading Window 31.03.2020

AMJ-Investors Complaints 13(3)-Q4-March, 2020

AMJ-Reg. 40(9) -Covering Letter and Certificate-31.03.2020

AMJ-Regulation 7(3) Compliance 12.05.2020

AMJ-Intimation of BM-16.06.2020

AMJ - Outcome of BM - 24.06.2020

AMJ-Restart of Operations-24.06.2020

AMJ Letter 24.06.2020-Clarification Reply

AMJ-Reg. 30 Re-appointment of ID -PM

AMJ-Large Corporates -Annual Dis. -31.03.2020

AMJ-Intimation of AGM Date 26.06.2020

AMJ-Intimation of Book Closure 26.06.2020-AGM 20.08.2020

AMJ-RPT Disclosure-27.06.2020

AMJ Reg. 24A Compliance Report 29.06.2020

AMJ-Appointment of Compliance Officer

AMJ-Closure of Trading Window-30.06.2020

AMJ-Retirement of Company Secretary

AMJ-Newspaper Advt.-Transfer of Shares to IEPF-01.07.2020

AMJ Investors Complaints 13(3)-Q1-June, 2020

AMJ-Regulation 74(5) DP Reg. 2018-03.07.2020

AMJ-Advt AGM through VC 08.07.2020

AMJ-Recon of Share Capital Audit Report-11.07.2020

AMJ-BM Intimation-28.07.2020

AMJ-BM Notice news clip sub-28.07.2020

AMJ-Submission of Annual Report 2019-20

Draft Independent Director appointment letter-2020

AMJ-55th AGM Notice dated 24.06.2020

AMJ-Notice of AGM Evoting and Book Closure Date-Advt Intimation-29.07.2020

AMJ-Termination of MOU-GCorp Dwellings

AMJ-Outcome of BM -05.08.2020

AMJ-NewsPaper Advt Financial Results-07.08.2020

AMJ - 55th AGM Proceeding - 21.08.2020

AMJ - AGM Voting Results & Scrutiniser Report - 22.08.2020

AMJ - Intimation of Re-appointment of ID - Mrs. Preeti Mehta-22.08.2020

Webcast of 55th Annual General Meeting of the Company held on Thursday 20th August 2020 at 1130 a.m. through Video Conferencing.mp4

AMJ - Resignation of Compliance Officer - 09092020

AMJ-Appoitment of Compliance Officer - 09092020

AMJ-Closure of Trading of Window 29.09.2020

AMJ - Regulation 74(5) DP Reg. 2018 - 06.10.2020

AMJ Investors Complaints 13(3)-Q2-September 2020

AMJ-Reg. 40(9) Covering Letter and Certificate -30.09.2020

AMJ - Covering Letter & RSCA Report 30.09.2020

AMJ - Covering Letter & Certificate - Reg. 7(3)-12.10.2020

AMJ - Board Meeting Intimation - 22.10.2020

AMJ - Board Meeting Notice - Newspaper clip submission -22.10.2020

AMJ Intimation to SE - Amend to PIT

AMJ Outcome of BM - 30.10.2020

AMJ - Intimation to SE - Appointment of Company Secretary

AMJ - News Paper Financial Results-Advt-02.11.2020

AMJ-Intimation to SE-NCLT Final Order-07.11.2020

AMJ - Intimation of Closure of Trading Window - 31.12.2020

AMJ - Regulation 74(5) (DP) Reg. 2018 - 04.01.2020

AMJ-Investors Complaints Reg. 13(3)-Q3-December,2020

AMJ-Covering Letter & RSCA Report-31.12.2020

AMJ-BM Intimation - 29.01.2021

AMJ-BM Notice Newspaper Clip Submision - 29.01.2021

AMJ-Financial Results-Newspaper Clip Submission-08.02.2021

AMJ-Outcome of BM - 06.02.2021

AMJ - Scheme of Merger by Absorption-Certified True Copy

AMJ-Closure of Trading Window-31.03.2021

AMJ-Investors Complaints Reg. 13(3)-Q4-March,2021

AMJ - Regulation 74 (5) DP Reg 2018 - 05.04.2021

AMJLAND - Covering Letter - Reg. 7 (3)-07.04.2021

AMJ - Covering Letter & RSCA Report - 31.03.2021

AMJ- Reg. 40(9) Covering Letter and Certificate - 31.03.2021

AMJ-Large Corporates-Annual Disclosure-31.03.2021

AMJ-Board Meeting Intimation-19.05.2021

AMJ-Outcome of Board Meeting-29.05.2021

AMJ-Financial Results Advt Submission-31.05.2021

AMJ-Reg 24A Annual Secretarial Compliance Report-2020-21

AMJ-Intimation Reg.30 Sale of Shares in JV-29.05.2021

AMJ-Intimation of Execution of Agreement-31.05.2021

AMJ-Intimation of AGM Date-08.06.2021

AMJ-Intimation of Book Closure-08.06.2021

AMJ-Intimation of Date of Payment of Dividend-08.06.2021

AMJ-Half Yearly RPT Disclosure-31.03.2021

AMJ-IEPF-Advt. Intimation-22.06.2021

AMJ-Intimation Execution of Agreement-28.05.2021

AMJ-Closure of Trading Window-30.06.2021

AMJ-Investors Complaints Reg.13(3)-Q1-June,2021

AMJ - Regulation 74 (5) DP Reg 2018 - 06.07.2021

AMJ-RSCA-Q1-June, 2021


AMJ-Submission of AGM Notice dated 29.05.2021

AMJ-Submission of Annual Report 2020-21

AMJ-BM Intimation-03.08.2021

AMJ-Outcome of BM-11.08.2021

AMJ-Financial Results-Advt Submission-12.08.2021

AMJ-AGM Proceeding-21.08.2021

AMJ LAND-AGM Voting Results & Scrutiniser Report - 23.08.2021

“Webcast of 56th Annual General Meeting of the Company held on Saturday, 21st August, 2021 at 11:30 a.m. through Video Conferencing!

AMJ-Closure of Trading Window-30.09.2021

AMJ-Investor Complaints-Reg. 13(3)-Q2-September, 2021

AMJ-Regulation 74(5) (DP) Reg. 2018-08.10.2021


AMJ-Outcome of Board Meeting-29.10.2021

AMJ-Reg. 30-Proposed Incorporation of WOS-29.10.2021

AMJ-Financial Results-Advt Submission-01112021

AMJ-Half Yearly RPT Disclosure-12.11.2021

AMJ-Update on Incorporation of WoS Company-01.12.2021

AMJ-Closure of Trading Window-31.12.2021

AMJ-Regulation 74(5) (DP) Reg. 2018-07.01.2022

AMJ-Investor Complaints-Reg. 13(3)-Q3-December, 2021


AMJ-Regulation 30 -Communication to Physical Shareholders-22.01.2022

AMJ-BM Intimation-22.01.2022

AMJ-Outcome of BM-05.02.2022

AMJ-Financial Results-Advt Submission-07.02.2022

AMJ-Intimation of Change in KFin Name-11.03.2022

AMJ-Closure of Trading Window-31.03.2022

AMJ-Investor Complaints-Reg. 13(3)-Q4-March, 2022

AMJLAND-Covering Letter-Reg. 7 (3)-07.04.2022

AMJ-Regulation 74(5) (DP) Reg. 2018-07.04.2022


AMJ -Reg. 40 (9)-Certificate-12.04.2022

AMJ-Large Corporate Compliance-31.03.2022

AMJ-Loss of Share Certificate-04.05.2022


AMJ-Board to Consider Dividend-06.05.2022-BSE

AMJ-Financial Results-Advt Submission-17.05.2022

AMJ-Outcome of BM-16.05.2022

AMJ-Reappointment of Statutory Auditor-16.05.2022

AMJ-Reg. 30-Further Investment in WOS-16.05.2022

AMJ-Reg. 39 Issue of Letter of Confirmation-18.05.2022

AMJ-Reg 24A-Annual Secretarial Compliance Report-19.05.2022

AMJ-Half Yearly RPT Disclosure-31.03.2022

AMJ-Intimation of AGM Date-26.05.2022

AMJ-Intimation of Book Closure-26.05.2022

AMJ-Intimation of Payment of Dividend-26.05.2022

AMJ-Loss of Share Certificate-09.06.2022

AMJ-IEPF Advt Intimation-16.06.2022

AMJ-Reg. 39 Issue of Letter of Confirmation-23.06.2022

AMJ-Closure of Trading Window-29.06.2022

AMJ-Investor Complaints-Reg. 13(3)-Q1-June, 2022

AMJ-Regulation 74(5) (DP) Reg. 2018-05.07.2022


AMJ-Pre-AGM-Notice Advt-12.07.2022

AMJ-57th AGM Notice Submission-18.07.2022

AMJ-Submission of Annual Report - 2021-22

AMJ - AGM e-voting-Advt. Intimation-19.07.2022

AMJ-Outcome of BM-04.08.2022

AMJ-Financial Results-Advt Submission-05.08.2022

AMJ - AGM Proceeding-13.08.2022

AMJ-AGM Voting Results-13.08.2022

AMJ-Reg 30 Appointment of Auditors-13.08.2022

Webcast of 57th Annual General Meeting of the Company held on Saturday, 13th August, 2022 at 11.30 a.m. through Video Conferencing

AMJ-Closure of Trading Window-29.09.2022-Revised

AMJ-Investor Complaints-Reg. 13(3)-Q2-September, 2022

AMJ-Regulation 74(5) (DP) Reg. 2018-07.10.2022

AMJ-Reg 39(3) LODR- Loss of Share Certificate-11.10.2022


AMJ-Reg. 39 Issue of Letter of Confirmation-20.10.2022

AMJ-Outcome of Board Meeting-02.11.2022

AMJ-Financial Results-Advt Submission-03.11.2022

AMJ-Half Yearly RPT Disclosure-30.09.2022

AMJ-Loss of Share Certificate-13.12.2022

AMJ - Reg-39-Issue of Letter of Confirmation-14-12-2022

AMJ-Closure of Trading Window-30.12.2022

AMJ-Investor Complaints-Reg. 13(3)-Q3-December, 2022

AMJ-Regulation 74(5) (DP) Reg. 2018-05.01.2023



AMJ-Loss of Share Certificate-24.01.2023

AMJ-Outcome of BM-24.01.2023

AMJ-Financial Results-Advt Submission-25.01.2023

AMJ-Reg. 39 Issue of Letter of Confirmation-30.01.2023

AMJ-Loss of Share Certificate-17.03.2023

AMJ-Loss of Share Certificate-17.03.2023-2

AMJ-Board Meeting Intimation-11.07.2022


AMJ-Closure of Trading Window-30.03.2023

AMJ-Loss of Share Certificate-31.03.2023

AMJ-Investor Complaints-Reg. 13(3)-Q4-March, 2023

AMJ-Regulation 74(5) (DP) Reg. 2018-04.04.2023 - Copy

AMJ-Regulation 7(3)-Certificate-05.04.2023

AMJ-Reg. 39-Issue of Letter of Confirmation-06.04.2023

AMJ-Reg 39(3)-Loss of Share Certificate-07.04.2023


AMJ - Reg. 40 (9)-Certificate-13.04.2023

AMJ-Large Corporate Compliance-31.03.2023

AMJ-Reg. 39-Issue of Letter of Confirmation-27.04.2023

AMJ-Board Meeting-Intimation-08.05.2023

AMJ-Announcement-Reg 30 (LODR)-Resignation of Director-15.05.2023

AMJ-Corporate Action-Board approves Dividend-20.05.2023

AMJ-Half Yearly RPT Disclosure-20.05.2023

AMJ-Reg 30-Re-Appointment of SKB-20.05.2023

AMJ-Outcome of Board Meeting-20.05.2023

AMJ-Financial Results-Advt Submission-22.05.2023

AMJ-Intimation of AGM Date-23.05.2023

AMJ-Intimation of Book Closure-23.05.2023

AMJ-Intimation of Date of Payment of Dividend-23.05.2023

AMJ-Reg.24(A)-Annual Secretarial Compliance-25.05.2023

AMJ-Intimation of Dispatch of KYC Letters-10.06.2023

AMJ-IEPF Advt Intimation-17.06.2023

AMJ-Closure of Trading Window-29.06.2023

AMJ-Regulation 74(5) (DP) Reg. 2018-06.07.2023


AMJ-Pre-AGM-Notice Advt-11.07.2023

AMJ-58th AGM Notice Submission-15.07.2023

AMJ-Submission of Annual Report-2022-23

AMJ - AGM e-voting-Advt. Intimation-17.07.2023

AMJ-Board Meeting-Intimation-25.07.2023

AMJ-Outcome of BM-05.08.2023

AMJ-Reg 30-Appointment of Independent Director-05.08.2023

AMJ-Financial Results-Advt Submission-07.08.2023

AMJ - AGM Proceeding-11.08.2023

AMJ-AGM Voting Results-11.08.2023

AMJ-AGM-Reg 30-Re-App of SKB-11.08.2023

Webcast of 58th Annual General Meeting of the Company held on Friday, 11th August, 2023 at 11.30 a.m. through Video Conferencing

Draft Independent Directors Appointment Letter

AMJ-Postal Ballot Notice-17.08.2023

AMJ-Newspaper Clip-Postal Ballot Notice-18.08.2023

AMJ - Postal Ballot Proceeding-16.09.2023

AMJ-Postal Ballot Result-16.09.2023

AMJ-Reg 30-App of Ind Director-16.09.2023

AMJ-Loss of Share Certificate-22.09.2023

AMJ-Closure of Trading Window-29.09.2023

AMJ-Investor Complaints-Reg. 13(3)-Q1-June, 2023

AMJ-Investor Complaints-Reg. 13(3)-Q2-September, 2023


AMJ-Board Meeting-Intimation-23.10.2023

AMJ-Regulation 74(5) (DP) Reg. 2018-11.10.2023

AMJ-Reg. 39-Issue of Letter of Confirmation-13.10.2023

AMJ-Outcome of BM-04.11.2023


AMJ-Financial Results-Advt Submission-06.11.2023

AMJ-Closure of Trading Window-26.12.2023

AMJ-Loss of Share Certificate-27.12.2023

AMJ-Reg-39-Issue of Letter of Confirmation-28.12.2023

AMJ-Investor Complaints-Reg. 13(3)-Q3-December, 2024

AMJ-Regulation 74(5) (DP) Reg. 2018-02.01.2024

AMJ-Loss of Share Certificate-03.01.2024

AMJ - Reg. 39 Issue of Letter of Confirmation-19012024

AMJ-Board Meeting Intimation-27.01.2024

AMJ-Reg 30-Loss of Share Certificate-31.01.2024

AMJ-Reg 39-Issue of Letter of Confirmation-01.02.2024

AMJ-Outcome of Board Meeting-05.02.2024

AMJ-Financial Results-Advt Submission-06.02.2024

AMJ-Reg 39-Issue of Letter of Confirmation-28.02.2024

AMJ-Loss of Share Certificate-22.02.2024

AMJ-Loss of Share Certificate-08.03.2024

AMJ-Reg 39-Issue of Letter of Confirmation-12.03.2024

AMJ-Closure of Trading Window-26.03.2024

AMJ-Reg 30-Appointment of Independent Director-30.03.2024

AMJ -Reg. 40 (9)-Certificate-31.03.2024


AMJ-Postal Ballot Notice-08.04.2024

AMJ-Newspaper Clip-Postal Ballot Notice-09.04.2024

Draft Independent Directors Appointment Letter

AMJ-Regulation 74(5) (DP) Reg. 2018-10.04.2024

AMJL-Reg. 7 (3)-Intimation to SE-10.04.2024

AMJ-Investor Complaints-Reg. 13(3)-Q4-March, 2024

AMJ-Loss of Share Certificate-17.04.2024

AMJ-Large Corporate Compliance-31.03.2024

AMJ-Reg 39-Issue of Letter of Confirmation-19.04.2024

AMJ-Reg 30-App of Independent Director-08.05.2024

AMJ-Postal Ballot Proceeding-08.05.2024

AMJ-Postal Ballot Result-08.05.2024

AMJ-Related Party Transaction-Half Yearly-31.03.2024

AMJ-Financial Results-Advt Submission-29.05.2024

AMJ-Reg.24(A)-Annual Secretarial Compliance-29.05.2024

AMJ-Closure of Trading Window-27.06.2024

AMJ-Intimation of AGM Date-06.07.2024

AMJ-Intimation of Book Closure-06.07.2024

AMJ-Date of Payement of Dividend-06.07.2024


investor relations

The paid up share capital of the Company is Rs. 820 Lacs divided into 410 Lacs shares of Rs. 2 each.

The equity shares are listed on the following Stock Exchanges:

Stock Exchange :    Stock Code
Mumbai :    500343
National Stock Exchange :    AMJLAND


Trading in equity shares of the company by all investors is permitted only in dematerialized form.

KFin Technologies Limited
Contact person: Mr. S.V.Raju. / Mr. Mohan A.
Selenium Building,
Tower B,Plot No 31 & 32,
Karvy Selenium, Tower B, Plot No. 31 & 32,
Financial District, Nanakramguda,
Telangana, India- 500032

Email ID :    einward.ris@kfintech.com
Toll Free/Phone Number :    1800 309 4001
WhatsApp Number :    (91) 910 009 4099
KPRISM (Mobile Application) :    https://kprism.kfintech.com/
KFINTECH Corporate Website :    www.kfintech.com
RTA Website :    https://ris.kfintech.com
Investor Support Center (DIY Link) :    https://ris/kfintech.com/clientservices/isc

Thergaon, Chinchwad, PUNE 411 033.

Phone :    +91 20 3061 3333
Fax :    +91 20 2727 3294 / 3061 3388

The compliance officer is Mr. Shrihari Waychal. He can be contacted at secretarial@pudumjee.com, sk@pudumjee.com Dedicated E-Mail ID for Investor’s Complaints: – inv_compl_ppm@pune.pudumjee.com

List of Unpaid and Unclaimed Dividend Amount as on 19-09-2015 Part-1
List of Unpaid and Unclaimed Dividend Amount as on 19-09-2015 Part-2
PPPML - IEPF Share Transfer Data
PPPML-List of Unpaid and Unclaimed Dividend as on 17.09.2016
PPPML-List of Unpaid and Unclaimed Dividend as on 22.07.2017 -Financial Year-2009-10
PPPML-List of Unpaid and Unclaimed Dividend as on 22.07.2017 - Financial Year-2010-11
PPPML-List of Unpaid and Unclaimed Dividend as on 22.07.2017 - Financial Year-2011-12
PPPML-List of Unpaid and Unclaimed Dividend as on 22.07.2017 - Financial Year-2012-13
PPPML-List of Unpaid and Unclaimed Dividend as on 22.07.2017 - Financial Year-2013-14
PPPML-List of Unpaid and Unclaimed Dividend as on 22.07.2017 - Financial Year-2014-15
PPPML-List of Unpaid and Unclaimed Dividend as on 22.07.2017 - Financial Year - 2015-16
AMJ-List of Unpaid and Unclaimed Dividend as on 21.07.2018 - Financial Year-2010-11
AMJ-List of Unpaid and Unclaimed Dividend as on 21.07.2018 - Financial Year-2011-12
AMJ-List of Unpaid and Unclaimed Dividend as on 21.07.2018 - Financial Year-2012-13
AMJ-List of Unpaid and Unclaimed Dividend as on 21.07.2018 - Financial Year-2013-14
AMJ-List of Unpaid and Unclaimed Dividend as on 21.07.2018 - Financial Year-2014-15
AMJ-List of Unpaid and Unclaimed Dividend as on 21.07.2018 - Financial Year-2015-16
AMJ-List of Unpaid and Unclaimed Dividend as on 21.07.2018 - Financial Year-2016-17
AMJ-List of Unpaid and Unclaimed Dividend as on 27.07.2019-(Financial Year-2011-12 to 2018-19)
AMJ-List of Unpaid and Unclaimed Dividend as on 20.08.2020-(Financial Year-2012-13 to 2019-20)
AMJ-List of Unpaid and Unclaimed Dividend as on 21.08.2021-(Financial Year-2013-14 to 2020-21)
AMJ-List of Unpaid and Unclaimed Dividend as on 13.08.2022-(Financial Year-2014-15 to 2021-22)
AMJ-List of Unpaid and Unclaimed Dividend as on 11.08.2023-(Financial Year-2015-16 to 2022-23)

Pursuant to the Scheme of Arrangement and Reconstruction (Demerger) between Pudumjee Pulp & Paper Mills Limited (PPPM) and Pudumjee Industries Limited (PIL) and Pudumjee Hygiene Products Limited (PHPL) and Pudumjee Paper Products Limited (PPPL) and their respective Shareholders and Creditors, all the fixed deposits of PPPM have been transferred to Pudumjee Paper Products Limited (PPPL) vide order of Hon’ble Bombay High Court dated 08-Jan-2016



    • This code of conduct has come into force from 1st November, 2005.
  • This code of conduct shall apply to:
      • All the Directors of the Company (including nominee Director), whether they are Executive or non-Executive.
      • All Executives of the Company from the rank of Deputy General Manager and above.
      • All Executives of the Company from the rank of Deputy General Manager and above.
      • All Executives of the Company who are reporting directly to the Managing Director irrespective of their rank. (All these persons hereinafter are collectively referred to as “Senior Officials”).


  • All the Senior Officials shall observe highest standards of ethical conduct and shall be subject to all the rules and regulations of the Company which are in force from time to time.
  • The Senior Officials
    • Shall ensure that the Company’s assets are used by them for official purpose and where used for personal purpose it shall be in accordance with their terms of appointment.
    • Shall avoid any transactions or situation in which their personal interest comes into conflict with that of the Company and where such conflict may exist would disclose their interest.
    • Shall not receive directly or indirectly any benefit intended as being given as a gain or favour to them for dealings with the Company except as being authorized by their terms of appointment.
    • Shall ensure the secrecy of all confidential information which comes to their knowledge, even after they cease to hold office or to serve the organization.
    • Shall not give any statement to the public or any media except those specifically authorized by the Management.
    • Shall not engage directly or indirectly through a relative in any material business dealings with the Company without appropriate disclosure to the Chairman.
    • Shall adhere to the Insider Trading Code of the Company.
    • Shall always truthfully comply with all the laws of the land.
    • Shall always uphold the goodwill and credibility of the Company.
    • Shall always uphold the value of trust, team work, mutuality, self respect and human dignity and shall never compromise with the interest of the Company in all their dealings with the customers, suppliers and all other business partners.
    • Shall not accept gifts or presents from persons whom the Senior Official believe who may intend to derive a quid pro quo in relation to the Company’s business.
    • Shall not illegally or unreasonably withhold any property or documents of the Company to the detriment of interest of the Company.
    • The aforesaid code seeks to lay down guidelines and does not intend to create any right in favour of any person.
    • Any waiver of any provisions of this Code of Conduct must be placed for approval before the Board of Directors.

    The Board has appointed few Committees of its Members some of which are in compliance of the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 and others are to fulfill the exigencies of the business needs:

    Audit Committee:
    The Committee is constituted mainly to ensure that the financial reporting process is in a proper, sufficient and credible manner, recommending the appointment of statutory and internal auditors, reviewing the periodical and annual financial statements, internal control and audit systems, monitoring vigil mechanism laid down by the Board and various functions laid down under the Companies Act/Corporate Governance norms. The Committee comprises of Mr. A. K. Jatia, Mr. V. K. Beswal (Chairman), Mr. Nandan Damani and Ms. Preeti Mehta.

    Nomination and Remuneration Committee:
    The Committee reviews and determines the Company’s policy regarding remuneration payable to the Managing and Whole-time Directors and other Senior Employees and also recommending the appointment of the Directors on the Board. The Committee comprises of Ms. Preeti Mehta (Chairperson), Mr. V. K. Beswal and Mr. A. K. Jatia.

    Stakeholders’ Relationship Committee:
    The Committee reviews the complaints/grievances of Shareholders/Investors/fixed deposit holders, redressal thereof and correspondence with SEBI. The Committee comprises of Mr. V. K. Beswal (Chairman), Mr. A. K. Jatia and Mr. S. K. Bansal.

    Investment & Borrowing Committee:
    The Committee authorizes making of investments/ICDs and the borrowings from lenders including Banks and other persons within the limits prescribed by the Board/Companies Act. The Committee comprises of Mr. A. K. Jatia and Mr. S. K. Bansal.

    CSR Committee:
    The Committee is entrusted with the task to evaluate and recommend to the Board the expenditure to be made within the framework of the Companies Act on the CSR activities and take a review thereof. The Committee comprises of Mr. A. K. Jatia, Mr. V. K. Beswal, Mr. S. K. Bansal and Ms. Preeti Mehta (Chairperson)

    Share Transfer Committee:
    The Committee deals with the approval of the transfer and transmission of securities of the Company and matters concerned thereto. The Committee comprises of Mr. A. K. Jatia, Mr. S. K. Bansal and Dr. Ashok Kumar.

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    We have a commitment towards the society of being a responsible entity and we fulfill the same by conducting business in a responsible way. An organization can sustain in the long run only by creating value for their customers in the long term, by monitoring intangible performances in terms of social and ecological scenarios and by paying attention to their stakeholders.


    The vitality of education in our lives cannot be taken lightly and the more one shares, the better it is for everyone. Education plays an important role in shaping an individual’s career and is undoubtedly, both socially & personally essential. However, it is not absolutely possible for institutes to reach out to people residing in the rural parts of our country. The Pudumjee Group as a part of this economy has a crucial responsibility to cater to this issue as an entity with the capability to do so.

    Better education carves a person to be more civilized and productive towards the society and the company is making sure of the same happening on its end by being actively involved with charitable trusts all around India. The main areas our group is involved in are providing education facilities, improving the existing facilities for the same & help build the infrastructure for education and in the medical sector as well, especially in the rural parts of India.

    Contact Us

    We are happy to answer any queries about our organisation. Please leave us
    a message and someone will be in touch shortly.

    Corporate Office

    Jatia Chambers
    60, Dr. V.B. Gandhi Marg
    Fort, Mumbai - 400 023




    Registered Office

    Pune - 411 033

       91-20-30613333 / 40773333